passive equalizers

i am considering an equalizer, but i am looking for a passive, preferably graphic equalizer.

has anyone heard of any decent passive equalizers ?? if so, what brands ??
You might try an 80s vintage Kenwood or Pioneer equalizer with lots of flashing LED level meters. They're awesome dude!
Why a graphic as opposed to a parametric?
i prefer a graphic because it is easier to operate, but considering white instruments manufactured a parametric which was supposed to be pretty good, i would consider a parametric. any ideas ??
the dbx 20/20 was the best eq ive ever used,easy to use & it has lots of great features,as far as eq's go your not going to find a more (high end) eq without taking out a loan for an accuphase or a rives.
Graphics may be easier to to operate, but they aren't as useful as a parametric with hi and lo filters. You should take a look at the Manley Massive Passive.
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