Passive + Buffer need help

Further to my last thread on my DIY passive preamp:

Some of you have mentioned about the impedance issue. Some suggested an active buffer stage as the solution and I have been researching into this topic ever since.

My finding so far is that Pass lab B1 seems like an interesting design:

I think Musical Fidelity used to offer a tube base buffer too but I didn’t know much about impedance matching then.

Then I came crossed this post which seems to suit my scenario: (

It has mentioned about this Burson Buffer from Australia.

Based on the StereoNet post, the Burson buffer seems more natural and transparent which I prefer. Anything else would defeat the purpose of going passive! : (

Has anyone here tried to add a buffer to their preamp? Any good? Has anyone tried this Burson buffer? All their customer feedback are so positive that it’s hard to believe.
Well I did ... I played a lot with Pass B1 and also with Musical Fidelity 10D V2 - a tube buffer based on E88CC with global feedback.

The usage of active buffers has its purpose if the output impedance of the passive preamp is too high. Too high means if it is less than 10 times of the input impedance of the amp to which this preamp is connected. This 10 times shouldn't be understood as an exact relation but rather as an approximation. Some other parameters of the amp play also an important role: sensitivity of the amp, gain of the amp, etc. The best way to find out whether you have issues with passive preamp is to hear it together with your amp ... and then you will see. In addition, active buffers do change a sound a bit, so it is really a matter of taste whether you like it more with or without it .... of course if the issue with the output impedance is not critical.

So, my strong advice to you is to try it first and then to make a decision upon what you hear.
I strongly second Dejanm's advice--listen first.