Passive Bookshelf Speaker Selection

Putting together a first set-up for exclusively turntable listening. I have narrowed things down to the Fluance RT-85 and NAD C 316BEE but am getting stuck with passive bookshelf speakers. Originally was set on the Klipsch RP-600ms but am having second thoughts given concerns about the potential fatigue and overbearing brightness; I’m wondering if I should go for another option in the $500 range or stick with the Klipsch, which I can get for under 500. I’m considering the KEF Q150s, PSB Alpha P5s, ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2s, and B&W 607s. Looking for good dynamics that aren’t overwhelming but also warmth.  

Ideally, I’d love to go test any of these out but that’s unfortunately not an option right now. 

I listen mostly to rock and indie/alternative, and the room is roughly 13x17 ft. 

Should I get the Klipsch or head in a different direction? Any help would be appreciated. 

I paired the NAD  C 316BEE with ELAC Debut 6.2 speakers and they sounded rich and balanced.  Great soundstage for the price. My turntable was a Linn Axis.  Unfortunately I had to return the NADs because the model upgrade had exchanged the rec out with a turntable input and I was digitizing my records at the time.  But I was very happy with the sound. 
I don't doubt that the pairing of the 316BEE with the ELACs makes for good sound for the dollar. However, room size and volume levels have to be considered. I have been a fan of NAD sound, having owned several of their class A/B integrateds. The ELACs are not the easiest speaker to drive on the aforementioned list. 
Martin Logan Motion 16 bookshelf speakers were closed out by Audio Advisor and Magnolia  for about $450/pair. You can find a nice pair used for $300 or less. I use them in my bedroom system And have been very pleased every time I listen!

They are identical to the more expensive Motion 15 with a more conventional cabinet design. The Motion 15 have a sloped top panel.

+1 for the Elac Debut 2.0.  I bought a pair for $244 about three weeks ago.  They have about 60 hours playing time on them, and this morning as I've been sitting here listening to them, opened up further to a new degree of spaciousness.  The soundstage just grew in width and depth and the bass continues to be copious and tight (I'm listening from about seven feet away).  The other day I was feeling the pressure jets coming out of the front ports, but I'll be damned if I can recall what I was listening to.  They'll play plenty loud and clear, and I'm only pushing them with a plain Kenwood KR-A5060 receiver dumping 100 wpc into them (it hardly warms up when playing to 85-90 dB SPLs).  The speakers are getting plenty of good, clean power from this receiver.  Connected to a separate amp with even more juice would allow these to be used in a medium-sized room to good effect.  They are very musical speakers for the price (despite being touted by some as more geared toward home theater).  They're clear, detailed, powerful, have plenty of bass, and represent a killer value.