Passive Bi-Amping of Stereo Amps

Is it possible, via balanced "Y" input connectors, to use a stereo amp (such as Levinson) to run a single speaker with only one pair of binding posts (of course using another amp for the other speaker :))? IOW, there would be 2 pair of output wires connected to the single pair on the speaker. Levinson's manuals show such a configuration but connected to a speaker with 2 pair of posts. I cannot consider bridging because my speakers are very low impedence types. Also, if this is possible, would it result in double the output per channel?

It seems like that would cause a short circuit at the output stage of the amp.
To do what you are proposing, you must have bi-wireable speakers, ie two sets of input terminals on each speaker.
I am not totally sure but I think all you will get is smoke if you try what you propose. Good luck.
If you play the 1812 Overture when you try this, you may be able to synchronize the cannon shots with the blowing of all the output transisters. DON'T try it.
I agree and disagree. You are cooked if you try it.

But if you could somehow invert the signal going into one channel you could, in theory take the balanced output to your speakers. I guess this could be done by getting two D/A's and connecting a digital output to both, set one of them on "invert".

So if you inverted the right channel you could connect the LEFT + to the speaker and the LEFT - to the RIGHT + (GULP!) and the RIGHT - to the speaker. In theory you should get MORE than double the power because you are doubling the voltage, but you are gonna draw a ton of current and probably blow it up because of that. If not you would blow it up because if the channels are not EXACTLY matched with the same DC and everything you are gonna fry. Hmm..... I wouldn't try it myself.

South_park, you mean "Oh my god, the've killed Kenwood" or whatever amps they did this to?
Yeah, but hey, that tends to happen when you are on the cutting edge.

One more thought, an easy way to invert the signal would be to rewire one of the RCA connectors from the Y splitter so that the polarity is opposite of the other one. Also, probably not necessary to connect the two channels because they should be at the same voltage..... But I still think it would kill Kenny.