Passive Bi-Amping-Amps With Level control

I want to Bi-Amp Martin Logan Ascents using a cary SLI-80 Integrated to run the top and a solid state amp for the bottom. Does anyone know of an amp that has a level control so I can adjust the gain to match the system?
Not many hi end amps out there with volumes....
One suggestion would be to find a remote add-on, then you can use any amp you want. There are two that I know of - Creek makes a good one for a couple hundred clams, and if you can find one, Chase Technologies made one that you still see around on ebay or online outlets very cheap - $50 or so. I have two of the Chase units, use them in my 5.1 channels home theatre set up so I can run direct out of the DVD player into the Chase(s) then into my Aragon amps without having a receiver in the loop. They are nice and transparent, if used with decent interconnects.
However, let me also say that I have never heard a bi-amop set up using two totally different amps (especially tube with transistor) work satifactorily. The discontinuity between the two amps makes speaker integration nearly impossible, and this is clearly audible.
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Virtual Mode makes a very good passive attenuator. Go to and check them out. You can contact them by phone or email, the phone number is on the site. Brad is a good guy and will set you up.
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Can't you just adjust the integrated amp's output to match whatever solid state is on bottom, then introduce a preamp (preferably passive) upstream of both amps to control the output from your source level?
Otherwise you could consider the adjustable EVS attenuators for the amp(s), see
Carver Pro ZR range have level controls and also a low pass filter.
I talked with the folks at virmode a while ago. they were impressive, although I did not try the product.