Passive, Balanced, Remote Pre?

Hi all..

I've heard the Placette pre is a wonderful product, but its cost when balanced is simply too high for me. Can anyone else recommend a balanced passive preamp (with remote) which will screw with the sound as little as possible? Mainly, I just want to manage volume levels on my Stax amp, and don't want to lose my balanced advantaged (Balanced DAC, AMP, cables to phones..etc)

Adcom GFP 750.

The Pass Labs Aleph P with remote and balanced inputs is roughly $1700-$1900 average used range. Is this too high for you? It's basically a passive unit, unless you crank it past 3oclock, I believe, and is a definite class A rated passive.
Anyway it's all I can think of, and it doesn't affect the sound really..great product for a passive. It's built like a tank as well. Good luck.
Oh, btw, stay away from the Adcom GFP-750!'s not as good as ratings indicate (can you say payola?!!!).
oood Luck
I would go with the placette RVC(remote volume control) balanced it would only be $1800, and would everything you can imagine and more! Mikelavigne uses one in his system(which many call the best sound they have heard ever) and it is I believe the cheapest(most out of place, or maybe not?) component in his rig. He swears by it and I wouldn't doubt what he says- many enjoy that the placette products and swear by them, if I needed something like that in my system I wouldn't hesitate.

I'm pretty happy with my Placette RVC. But as a more cost effective alternative you could consider a transformer-based attenuater. Bent Audio has some kits available (around 800$, they come with RCA AND XLR inputs and outputs - an advantage of the transformer design). There was big discussion about the Stevens & Billington transformers on AA a while ago and some people claim they are far superior to any resistor-based passives.
I think my Adcom GFP-750 preamp sounds very very good. Now, I don't have any comparison experience with it against other passive preamps so I can't argue with "Lthkeepr." It has one balanced input (for CD) and one balanced output. You should find a used one for $750 or less on Audiogon. You can always get a used one and, if you don't like it, turn it back around on ebay or Audiogon. At times, I have seen them bring a bit more on ebay than Audiogon.