Passive attenuator/ preamp

I am thinking of trying a high quality passive attenuator in place of my preamp. Does anyone have any experience with this or with Passive preamps. Thanks.
Less is more with an audio signal. If you have short connects to your amp, go for it.
You just need to make sure that the amp you're using doesn't need some voltage to make it "sing". I have a Mod Squad Line Drive passive "preamp" and when I used it with an Aragon 4004, and it sounded a bit flat. I currently have it hooked up to a Classe and it sounds really nice.
I've used a passive pre amp Audio Synthesis from England for quite a while. If all the factors are in place ie: short cable length, capacitance and resistance of cables are conducive to a passive unit, and the source produces a strong enough signal then the sound is pristine and clear. however may lack dynamics . Good luck Harvey
I have tried various passive devices. The sound is always cleaner. However, the interaction of DAC, interconnects and Power amp is much more noticable and could end up with a less pleasing over all sound. You have to try it.
I have a welborne labs passive preamp and it kills my active preamp. The best thing about welbones is you can build them your self so you can use your favorate wire in the singnal path and parts quality is second to none.
If your really thinking of going passive you must go to Rick Schultz's web site he is the best there is in the biz for passive very well thought out units.