Passion, or ..... Precision?

Hi Guys, 

In the last 2 years I have finally built what I consider to be a fairly decent System. Namely, DCS Bartok, BHK 300 mono's and KEF Ref 5 Speakers. With the introduction of Qobuz, which is all I listen to now, I find myself searching out artists or tracks that sound amazing on my rig. Occasionally, I hit the jackpot and find something I really like that also sounds amazing. Streaming is brilliant for this. However, when I revert back to the music that evokes the passion in me I find that it tends to be of poorer recording quality. I'm 58 now and grew up with the 70's/80's Heavy Rock scene with bands like Sabbath, Ozzy, Rainbow, Lizzy and my beloved Status Quo etc. Their early material just doesn't 'cut it' on a high end system (IMO) and I find it more fatiguing to listen to. Modern technology and attention to detail in the recording studio has really dated some of my favourite bands to the point I find it harder to listen to them.

Does anybody else share this experience?

cheers, Mark


Doesn't really bother me that much; sound quality doesn't get my 'toes tapping', as it were - music does. My toes did plenty of tapping when I was 16 and listening on a little transistor radio. I certainly prefer better sounding music, but I'd rather hear music I like that's not so well reproduced than not at all.... 

Sorry but You blame the recordings much too much. If you can’t fix it hire a sound engineer.

This is the reason I'm a fan of vacuum tubed components. Takes the edge off of harsh recordings. I've spent a lot of effort tweaking and matching components and am very happy with how the compressed harsh recordings are sounding nowadays. Not perfect, but but very listenable.

I use Decca cartridges and everything sounds great! One trick with older rock on vinyl is just turn it up until you don't care.