Pass XVR-1 Crossover

I’m thinking of using a crossover to bi-amp a pair of Magnepan 20.1 speakers. Anyone have any experience with the Pass XVR-1? Or does anyone have any recommendations of a good crossover? I looking to go tubes (mids/highs) and solidstate (bass)

An audiophile friend of mine uses the Bryston x-over to biamp his MG20's. He even talked to Pass about upgrading his Bryston to the Pass and they suggested it might be a lateral move depending upon the setup and synergy. The only way to find out was to try it out.
Muslover, if you own MG-20.1s congratulations, you have one of the great speakers of high end audio. In the response left by Rbautista, I'm the one he is refering to regarding bi-amping MG-20s.I chose not to upgrade to the 20.1s because the sonic difference between the two speakers was a subtle evolution, and for the cost difference, I could better use my $ resources to upgrade my digital front end and amp. I just wanted to share, besides what my friend has already, is that what ever combination of either tube or solid state amps I audtioned in my system,the MG-20s always sounded much better on all sonic attributes when using the active x-over when compared with their own passive x-overs. I'm sure this would also apply to your MG-20.1s. Please share what you discover in your audtioning process in your system. Hope this helps.
I heard the Pass was very complicated and expensive, $5000.
Feb 06 issue of TAS has done a review with MG 20.1 and Pass AVRI. Please look it up, if you cannot find it I will be more than happy to mail you a photo copy.
My dealer quoted 4000.00 for the Pass AVRI.
If anyone has one for sale I am very interested.
Hi Terryyakhan,

If you are still interesed I have one New XVR-1 without power supply for sale.

Hi Muslover,

To choose XVR-1 with MG 20.1 is great idea. Among superior sound of active system you may even remove pre amp from the system and further significantly improve the sound. Findings showed that interconnects after XVR-1 are important and must be of low capacitance to get full scale sound. It is also good to have in mind that XVR-1 may be used with any other speakers which passive crossover is possible to by-pass, this is just for case you will change MG 20.1 one day.