Pass XP25

I wrote this phonostage is not the best choice for Moving Magnet Systems. Has anyone here experience with it?
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I’ve lived with an XP-25 for several years. Its lowest 53db gain setting works well with MM/MI, as does its switch-selectable capacitance settings. For MM/MI one would wish for alternatives to the 47K load setting. Its wide range of load settings below 1K are wasted with MM/MI. Also, if limited to MM/MI you’ll never experience the quiet refinement of this phono stage at 66db and 76db.

If you’re handy you can replace the stock load resistors on the PCB with whatever you want, allowing a broad range of relay-selectable load options for MM/MI.

Hi and thank you! I am searching for a good harmonic cartridge for my second arm, a Jelco 750D, because the needle of my PTG33 is broken.

Yesterday i have tried some old ADC220x and was very surprised about the good sound, only the treble was a little distorted in loud S-sections.

This arm is used for older vinyls and background music.

Do you have a recommendation for it?