Pass XP10, Ayre K-5xe, Calypso - Your Experience?

Hi, I acquired a pair of Harbeth C7ES-3 and am now putting together a system for these speakers.

Anyone has experience with the Pass XP10, Ayre K-5xe, Aesthetix Calypso, ARC LS-17 & 26, CJ ET-2 or ET-3? I know they're not in the same price range new or used.

For the Pass XP10, I might consider the XA 30.5 or X150.5.
As to Arye K-5xe, I'm looking at Ayre V-5xe.

For ARC LS 71 or 26, will they work with Pass XA 30.5 or X150.5 as far as output/input impedence is concerned? Any decent SS amp (at $2-3K) that works well with ARC pre-amp?

There're so many ARC power amp models (old ones). I have no idea which ones are good. Any recommendations? Same case for the CJ.

I don't have any chance auditioning these pre-amps yet. There's no Pass dealer in my living area.

Thank you.
I have a Aesthetix Calypso Signature feeding my Pass Labs Aleph 2 monos...the best music so far from my system. In the past I used mostly solid state, had all the Pass Labs line stages up to the XP series. I have also used most of the Pass Labs amps up to the .5 series. Droped back to the Aleph series amps the last few years and started experimenting with tube line stages. With my Audio Physic Virgo IIs speakers they make the most natural music in my system.
Calypso is my personal favorite in the $2,500 used range. Works well with solid state and tube amps IME.
I had the XP-10 coupled with the X250.5. After about a year I went with the Rowland Capri. The XP-10 was a bit sterile sounding and the Capri nothing of the sort. Still have the Capri and am very happy. Contact Mark at Reno Hifi (has website too) he'll hook you up with demo equipment. Aesthetix gear works very well with Pass. When I was heavy into vinyl I paired a Rhea PS with excellent results. Good luck in your quest!
Thanks for your feedbacks. It's very informative. Hopefully, I'll do some auditioning this weekend.

If I mix the tube with solid state, I wonder which combo works better as far as impedance matching is concerned. Tube pre& SS power or SS pre & tube pre.
Sticking with the SS Amp is your better option IMO.
I had the opposite experience with the Capri vs the Pass XP in my system. I found the Capri sterile and lacking bottom end. The Pass offers all that and then some in my system. I use Bel Canto Ref1000 mk2. Preamps are very system dependent and the only way to find out is to try one or more. I think they are the hardest component to get right.
Pass X.5 amps are frequently a more pleasant match to Harbeths than the XA.5. Harbeths with their low "Qts" can sound a little over damped on the XA's
I've just had a K5xemp followed by the Calypso in my system. The K5 took a while to break in sounding whooly and indistinct at first, a couple of weeks though and it was sounding very good. It had a fullsome yet transparent presentation and was tonally very good. The opportunity to grap a Calypso at a great price came about and I took it as I'd always wanted to try one. In my system its the more cerebral of the two, it delves deeper into the mix and resolves fine detail better, it takes me closer to the performance. If its muscle your after then the K5 delivers in a more upfront and still thoroughly enjoyable manner. In my system though I suspect most would take the Calypso which draws you into the performance and immeserses you to a greater degree.