Pass XP-22 vs Simaudio 740P

I use simaudio 740P pre amp.
And power amps are Bryston 4Bsst2 and Pass XA25.
Speaker is KEF REFERENCE 1.
I am about to go to Pass XP-22 pre, but I know 740P is goood as well.
The reason I want Pass XP-22 is that sound from 740P is stiff a bit for me.
740p is transparent, detailed and staging is proper.
Actually, ARC reference 3 was good for me.

So I hope to get your oponions from 740p to XP-22.

ps. My partner doesn't like the design of 740p.
       Just want simple design with 

FWIW I have decided to upgrade from my XP12 to a XP 22.

I did actually listen to some of the Simaudio stuff. I did not get to hear the 740P, I was interested in the 390 as the thought of doing some simplification was tempting.

Sonically the XP22 was better than the 390, but given the price points that was to be expected (though not always true).

There is just something about the Pass sound I dig.  It's not dead sounding to me like some solid states that try to be tube like.  It has the bass slam, but is just ever so slightly more rounded than the sharp edges I have heard on some pre-amps like the newer levinson stuff, Hegel and others.

I would say the Simaudio stuff and the Pass stuff are really in the neutral category but the sim just ever so slightly more aggressive and the pass just ever so slightly more rounded.

Hoping to grab a used Pass XP22 here that I found a few weeks back.  Just need my XP12 to sell here first!  Hoping the used one doesn't sell before I can sell this one.