Pass XP-22 or ARC Ref5se?

Seasons greetings! I currently have the ARC Ref3 and Ref75 and am thinking of going with the Pass XA-60.8 to drive my ML ESL11A's. Does anyone have input as to which would be a better match, the Pass XP-22 or ARC Ref5se? I value your judgements very much. Thanks,Joe.
Contact Reno Hi-Fi who are Pass Labs' largest dealer.  They have a 10-day, in-home free trial period to take the guess work out of a Pass Labs purchase.  Great period to work with. 
I second testpilot's suggestion. They do make the home audition process easy and stress free. I just went through this process comparing Nelson Pass's First Watt F-7 to the First Watt SIT-3. Returning the First Watt F-7 was easy and simple. 

David Pritchard
agree Reno is stellar, I think the ARC tube front end w Pass amp would be stellar. Full disclosure I own both several of Nelsons designs and an ARC Ref5se