Pass XP-15 Phono Stage


where can I read some information about it? Is a manual online somewhere?
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I have been looking for information myself, but have not seen much. I think there is a manual on the Pass Labs website. It is supposed to be better than my Xono, and it costs less. They will soon be coming out with the two-box XP-25, which I understand will be substantially better.
if you need to set up jumpers for gain and load settngs, you most probably will be OK using their later version mentioned befor i.e. XP-25
The XP-15 sets gain and cartridge load via two 8-gang mini switches on the back panel, under the RCA jacks. Three gain settings, and a bunch of resistive and capacitive loads. You can combine switch positions to set any load you need for your cartridge choice.
Did anyone compare it side by side with the Pass XONO?
Might want to ask Mark at Reno HiFi if you don't get any answers here.

Great guy to deal with. A favorite dealer.