Pass XP-10 vs. Conrad Johnson ET3-SE

Can anyone who has direct experience with both of these preamps comment on their sound? I currently have a Pass XA30.5 power amp driven by a CJ PF2 preamp. I'm looking for an improvement over the PF2. Speakers are PSB Synchrony One and source is a Squeezebox Touch digital out to PS Audio DL3 DAC.


I have heard both of these pre-amps. The CJ ET3-SE was mated w/ the CJ classic 60 power amp on B&W speakers.
The Pass Labs XP-10 was mated to a Pass Labs 100.5 on TAD speakers. Both presentations were excellent, from top to bottom. Each set-up did not miss any octaves. Resolution was outstanding. Gear of this quality must be properly matched w/ the best cables/power cords.

I feel the CJ is a very nice sonic match w/ Pass Labs.
If you can, listen to the gear prior to buying. Keep me posted & happy listening. -JA
I just bought XA 30.5 Amp N XP 20 preamp did not set up yet,
but they will match both being Pass. I have heard people on
hear talking about matching there pass amp with Conrad Johnson preamps including the ET3-SE...i understand this i myself recently matched a Parasound Halo A21 PowerAmp with a
Modwrigh LS100 Preamp on my Martin Logan Speakers with KimberKable n it sounded great...But my thinking with the Pass XA30.5 Class A will sound nice n Warm n
smooth on its should not need tube preamp to warm it i went went with pass XP20 Preamp...feel it will
sound real good on my Martin Logan Theos speakers...Remember
Class A sound is like tube in many ways...
The 30.5 plus XP10 is an outstanding pair. Run a balanced line between the 2 and you will get the most out of your 30.5
I would go with the xp-10 for system synergy reasons but either one will sound fantastic. And you can take advantage of the XLR connectors with the Pass.
thanks all.

Would be excellent to hear from people who have heard both of these in the same system. Perhaps I should have added Parasound Halo JC2 preamp to the mix since it is priced between the CJ and Pass.