Pass xa600.5, Marantz 9S2 or Mcintosh MC501/MC601?

Which ones for my Tyler Acoustics D1's?
I don't know which will sound better to you and the only one who will ever know is you. Nonetheless I think the Pass has a great reputation in audiophileville. Not that McIntosh has a bad reputation.
I don't know about the Marantz but as for the Pass Labs versus the McIntosh it's no contest, the pass labs is far superior for me. The pass X600.5 is in a very top class like Vitus or FM acoustics and I think it's the best Pass Labs best amp IMHO.

I have not heard the Tylers, but I did compare the 501s with the Marantz MA9S with Thiel 3.7s and ended up choosing the Marantz amps. The 501s were very nice but seemed to not be as extended in the high frequencies as the Marantz. The 501s sounded more tube like, as least in comparison to the Marantz. The Marantz do not exhibit any of the typical warm house sound (OK maybe just a hint of it)of that brand, but instead have a clarity and lack of coloration I really like. They also seem to have unlimited power and nice dynamics. Hope this helps.
I've compared an XA-30.5 to a McIntosh MC402 on Thiel 2.4s and the Pass beat it in every category, except bass control. I didn't get a chance to do a head to head, but I've also tried out an X250.5 and it was close enough to the XA-30.5 that I'm sure it would also handily best the McIntosh (while also addressing the bass issue). To be honest, I was shocked at the extent to which Pass beat the McIntosh.
Pass Labs. A very transparent amp.
Another vote for he Pass Labs.

I have Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature system speakers with a Pass XA30.5. They are definitely a synergistic match for each other. At higher volumes (90db) the needle moves past noon, so at some point I'd like to move up the line and get a more powerful Pass amp.

I can't comment on the other amps because I've never heard them.
I owned the Marantz and found it to be too polite. I own Pass now and have no desire to upgrade my amp anymore, having been through 5 amps, some a lot more expensive than the Pass. One was a McIntosh, which has a warm mid-range but somewhat flabby bass.
IMO..having owned all three makers..Pass Labs without a doubt
I think this comparison isn't correct---does the OP really mean XA60.5? 600.5s are much higher in cost than the other alternatives.

On McIntosh, Mac 601 doesn't sound like a 402 or set of 501s at all. This is like comparing Pass X250 to X250.5 imo. Totally different amps.

I've owned X250.5 and Mc601- both are great amps, but sound very different so speaker match is more the thing here (and I've never heard Tylers)
The point that the amp should really work synergistically with the speakers is a good one. Does the OP have any further comment, on what he tried, for future reference.
On McIntosh, Mac 601 doesn't sound like a 402 or set of 501s at all. This is like comparing Pass X250 to X250.5 imo. Totally different amps.


That's a good point... my comments assume that the sonic differences between Pass and McIntosh would remain constant as one moves up the respective lines.

That said, having heard both the X250.5 and the MC601, what matching characteristics would you look for? Both are obviously high-current, high wattage SS designs, so presumably people would consider them for similar speakers (I tried out the X250.5 and MC402 as ~$4000 solutions for my Thiel 2.4s).