Pass XA30.5 vs. Belles SA30

Hey... I've got a chance to get the Belles SA30 all Class A 30 watt amp at a good price, but I was really considering the Pass XA30.5. Does anyone think they're basically the same amp soundwise?
Hi Koestner,

Since no responses...if both are Class A 30 watt amps, they may have similarities in sound, but i would be surprised if they were the same soundwise.

If i had to blindly take one, i would take the Pass XA30.5, but i have read good things about the Belles. Any chance you can hear them both? The best way of course.
I haven't heard the Pass but heard the Belles SA30 with some $100K Focal a few years back in England and couldn't believe how much it drove these speakers in a very large