Pass XA30.5 enough power for Wilson Sophia 2?

I was wondering about this combo. I have a very large room. Personally I dont think it's enough power but what do you guys think?
fwiw, using the xa60.5s on my WP6s in a room 15*11*8 (ie small), i am seldom able to get the meters to move (ie leaving class A), but it happens sometimes.

easy to play music 90db for extended sessions if distortion is low enough.
I have just switched from Pass XA100.5's to a Bat VK-600SE with my Sophia2's as the Pass\Wison combo didn't satisfy in terms of bass control (on the sloppy side with Pass).

I'd be leery of using a 30.5 unless I listened very quietly.
The Pass is warmer in the midbass and midrange and slightly smoother in the top end. It's a beautiful amp in almost every way, the only issue I had is it didn't have a firm grip on the woofers of the Sophia 2.

With the Bat, the bass is tighter and not as bloomy (or muddy), so the end result (at least in my room) is that the soundstage is more open, I hear more air, etc.
I am often surprised how bloomy (muddy?) acoustic bass sounds at live jazz venues (for that matter, how much more metallic trumpets sounds, and how much more dynamic drum kits sound....). The Pass versus BAT on the bass issue may be a matter of preference, not necessarily accuracy to the source. The Pass is definitely warmer, which proabably is why I like them, being a tube amp user.