Pass XA160's with Martin Logan Monoliths?

Currently running Pass Aleph 1.2's with Martin Logan Monoliths and thinking about upgrading to XA's. Using Hovland HP100 as preamp. Thoughts would be appreciated.
Pass X or XA always sounds better with balance input. Unfortunately, Hovland doesn't have XLR output, so you will not take full advantage of Pass. I know X600 only has XLR input, I am not sure if XA160 even offers single ended input.
The XA160 monblock has balanced and single ended inputs.

The XA series provides both the slam of the X Series and the the wonderful midrange of the old Aleph series. You will get considerably more slam from an XA160 than the aleph 1.2's. I've owned and used both the alephs and the X Series. (I'm a pass labs dealer)

I have tried the X series with planars (magnepans), and found them to be great match. The extra power and the natural timbre really light up the maggies. Honestly the midrange on the X series is excellent. It is not warm nor cold, but it is very natural, liquid sounding and true to the source. The aleph series were definitely a touch on the warm side.
Thanks for your response, Rangersaudio... your comments are similar to those of others.

Semi, since I only use 1 meter pre to amp interconnects, are your comments re XLR vs single-ended still relevant?
Hey Frank,
I've a/b compared both 1 meter xlr and rca. The XLR's still sound better to me.