Pass XA160 for 8ohm, 89db speakers?

Hi there, just wondering if the XA160 can handle speakers that are nominally 8ohm and rated at 89db/1w/1m? I dont listen too loud and listen mainly to classical and jazz. Will the x600.5 be a better fit?
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I have no direct experience with the XA160, but consulted my magic 8-ball and it said "signs point to yes".

Given the speaker load you describe and your listening habits, it would be hard to think of a solid state amp that would work better - including the x600.5. I'd go with the XA160.

You will enjoy the XA160's lush sweet sound much more over any of the Pass X power amps. They do run a bit hot and give off a
lot of heat!
Thanks Jeb and Audiokinesis. I pulled the trigger on the XA160 this morning. By the way Jeb, what kind of experience do you have with the Pass amps?
Tboooe, I owned X250.5, X350.5 , XA160 mono blocks. You will be very happy with XA160's . They start sounding real smooth and lush after about 2 to 3 hours, longer the better! I just bought a pair of Rushmore speakers, made by Pass Labs. Built in power amps. Jeb
Hey Jeb so you are not using an amps with the rushmores?? Did you find that the XA's had any problems managing the bass? I am a little concerned with its low damping factor.
Pass Lab Rushmore speakers have built in power amps. I found the XA160's to be the best sounding for my Dali MS 5 speakers. The Dali's bass was the most natural sounding with the XA amp, very good control. I too don't listen to my music very loud. What brand are your speakers? Jeb
Jeb, right now they are bw 802d but I am really thinking about getting the Usher be-10...they just sound so clear, neutral, and dynamic with very nice tight bass. I am also thinking about the avalons.