pass xa100.5 owners

i wanted to know if anyone has these amps running in their system and what they compared them to before buying them.

im expecting a set of these soon to initially drive my magnepan mg 20 and supratek chardonnay pre. the source is Accustic arts tube dac and MBL 1521 transport. I might biamp after a few short months if i dont feel i have enough power.

shahed karim
Hi Shahed, your post made me LOL because we almost have the exact same overall system. Take a look at my reviews of the Pass Labs XA-100's, the AA Tube Hybrid DAC, and my overall system and they will provide much of the information you are seeking. I bi-amp my 20's and I have a hunch that the XA-100.5's will drive your 20's, but to really get them to "sing" you will have to go to bi-amping.
dear teejay,
im aware of your system read your reviews as well.
your system is much matured over mine due to your testing other components before buying them

Living in Bangladesh, i have no such option, and am building the system by buying pieces on their individual merits rather then testing them on systems like mine.

My friend has ML prodigys, asl hurricanes and flora with reimyo's dac and transport. When i take the flora from him to test, our systems are very very similar indeed!

lets see how the supratek changes the sound compared to the flora.