PASS XA100.5

To all user of Pass 100.5/ Can you tell me the preamp you use with it and why?

Thanks for your help
I use an X1 preamp to my 250.5. My amp is smaller than your amps but the X1 shines with it. Everyone will naturally tell you to get what they own but the Pass pre's go nicely with their amps. I'm keeping my X1 forever. Even the earlier Pass pre's were nice. Check out the new ones.The XP 20 would sound nice I bet. I'm just very happy with my Pass gear. The amp and pre I have are keepers.
Hello Michb, Can you suggest me which is the best macthing speakers for this 250.5? I have monitor of Dynaudio but it's 4 ohms 85db which I have doubt. Thanks
I use the vtl 6.5 preamp, the quality and performance is the best. The controls are flexible and adaptable...not to mention the quality of the circuits, top notch!
Rabbani, The X250.5 should run any speakers. The 250.5 is a pretty big amp.Unless you require powering huge speakers you should be OK with just about any speaker.
Which: I use Conrad Johnson preamps with my XA100.5's. I switch between their ART 2 and ACT 2.2 depending on mood.

Why: Bottom line is because they sound great. From a technical standpoint, they are one of the only preamps I have heard of that use just "1" gain stage and no cathode follower. That and pure class A and no negative feedback makes for a very pure circuit.
I currently use the XP-20 replacing the X-1 with my XA100.5 amps. They are both excellent combinations. I've only tried one tube preamp with these and it was not a good match. The Pass preamps sound very good with the Pass amps.