Pass XA versus Krell FPB Amps

I wonder if anyone has had the pleasure of hearing these two style amps and what comparisons can be drawn? I have heard the XA30.5 and absolutely loved it. The only problem was that it was not able to drive speakers that need a lot more power.....

I have heard the Krells many years ago and absolutely loved their iron fisted bass, but cannot remember their midrange texture. The question is, do the Krell Class A amps come anywhere close to the Pass XA amps in terms of the midrange texture, detail, body, musicality and organic feel? With the XA series I feel like I can actually hear more textures, tones and flavors in the sound than any other amp I have heard. Is this a hallmark of Class A amps and would the Krells provide this with just more power so I can use any speaker? Thanks all
No, very different sounding Amp. The "tube like" lush, smooth mid range and highs are missing. More edgy high end. Make sure your speakers match the ohms of the amp. I have the XA 160 and have no wanting for power.
Acurus, If you have not heard Krell lately, you have not heard Krell. The current Evo and KAV amps are iron fisted tubey, if that makes any sense. They are seemingly incapable of running out of power. I hope you do not have Vandersteen and Pass. Call Richard Vandersteen and ask him his opinion of Pass amplifiers. Put cotton in your ears first!
Call Richard Vandersteen and ask him his opinion of Pass amplifiers. Put cotton in your ears first!

I don't know Richard Vandersteen , never had one of his products too .. but in my humble opinion Pass Labs amps maybe not the best in the world but surely not the worst.
Try a bigger XA series unit,or listen to the X series,though the X units require a balanced input or adapter.
I thought of the bigger XA amps....I am running all XLRs. I like the XA more than the X series so far. Thanks
The Pass XA amps will work better with higher impedance loads, the Krell FPB amps will work better with lower impedance loads. These amps might sound very different depending on the speakers with which they'll be used with.
I have heard both and both are excellent choices you cant go wrong one way or the other. I prefer pass x350.5 or fbp 300.
good luck.
So let me get this straight...Richard Vandersteen does not like Pass amps. Does this mean that Pass amps are crap?

In my opinion:
1 - if you have a room that is treated acoustically a bit too much
2 - you have laid back, relaxed sounding speakers with bass on the softer side, go with Krell.

For example, I always found Sonus Faber speakers to sound great with Krell amps.

If you have speakers that do not need anymore emphasis on the lower end and in the treble, then Pass will suit those better than Krell.

Krell and Pass are excellent amps with excellent resolution and control. The end result will depend on what speakers and room the amps are used with and what YOU wish your system to sound like. You have to match the components and create synergy.
Trial and error is the only way and only you will know which amp is better for you once it is in your system and you are listening to it.