pass XA and Quad Speakers

hi All.
How do you see the possible match between a pair of Pass XA100 (NOT point five) poweramps, and a pair of Quad ESL Speakers. Will the electronics work fine form an electrical point of view? and as for the sound/tone produced, I think that it should be fine, isn't it?

Which Quad would you Choose? an older 63 or more recent 98x units?
They will be placed in a 15.8 x 14.1 x 8.2 ft room, and I will mostly listen to Classical Music, with a pass XP10 preamp and a Wadia 861 CDP.
Thank you all.
Carlo, Italy
XA 100 should drive the ESL 63 very well; likewise with the 9series.
I prefer the later 63s to the new series -- but keep in mind that the new Quads play louder and more extended than the 63s.
An old trick is to use two pairs of 63s one on top of the other, on either side... if you find cheap 63s it's worth it. Regards.
I think the match will be especially good. Let us know.
Thank you. I'm not yet in a change process, but soon will go... an alternative to the Quads should be a pair of Harbeth SHL5. Rule Britannia!