PASS XA.5 Series

So, I recently had to do some minor repairs on my primary speakers (Thiel 2.4s) and brought out my pair of backups so I could continue to listen to music. Laughing, I pulled out my old MTX AAL 124s, a 4-way 3' X 1.5' box that I got as a birthday present when I was in HS in 1994. I think they cost about $200 at the time. Online, I just saw the following quote about them: "American acoustics are considered a low quality brand, good for garage speakers." I've seen them as the primary speakers in numerous shitty bars.

Here's a pic:

Anyway, I listened to the shit out of these guys back in the day and was interested to hear how my amp (Pass INT-30A) would make them sound. Short story short, they were pretty amazing. Untrained ears still think the stereo sounds awesome, and it's really all the Pass amp. Even without the Thiels, it creates lovely, natural tones and makes these ugly, squat little boxes image like crazy. Voices are still suspended in space between the speakers and the image extends four or five feet above, and two feet outside of them.

I've tried a number of different amps with my Thiels, but hadn't yet heard the Pass on different speakers. It was really enlightening to finally get to hear just how much of the sound was being contributed by the amp.

Thanks Nelson Pass, you make a lovely, lovely product.
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