Pass XA-30.5 with Lower Sensitivity Speakers

I am enamored of the ATC SCM19 speakers. Some of the best sound I’ve ever heard from a smaller speaker. These have a sensitivity of 85db and 8 ohms impedance. I’d like to buy them.

However, I have the Pass Labs XA-30.5 amp, Pass recommends better than 87db sensitivity, so am not sure how well these would match. This amp actually pushes past 60 watts and doesn’t clip until it hits 85 watts.

I’ve talked to Pass about low sensitivity speakers and they’ve said if sensitivity is a little below the 87db spec, and expected listing levels aren’t too high, it should be okay. We did not discuss these speakers specifically. My current Revel M-106 are 87db sensitivity and they'll play pretty loud with the Pass.

My listening room is fairly small, and due to noise constraints in my house I can never blast the music too loud anyway, but I definitely play a lot louder than a normal conversation.

Anyone tried this or a similar pairing and can comment about how well I could expect this to work?


Not a great match at all unless you prefer music at conversation level. 

I know now someone it's your amp and speakers that are at 88dB i. sensitivity and I think his setup is underpowered 

also figure that some speaker maker are highly optimistic in how they rate their speaker's sensitivity 
Get the ATC SIA-150 amplifier for the SCM19. It is a terrific match and it is in the same ball park price as the 30.5.
I know this an old post but I don't feel like making a new thread. Does anyone know what the specs are like for this amp when doing loads into 8ohm, 6ohm, 4ohm, 2ohm? when does it switch into class ab, or into class b? can it handle a big sealed cabinet speaker with 15 inch woofer rated at 96db sensitivity with AUTHORITY?