Pass XA 30.5 and XA 60.5 vs Mark Levinson 433 amps

I have a pair of K-horns using false corners 60 degrees apart for stereo and a mono center LaScala to create a full smooth image which works very well for me. The question is do I use a Pass stereo XA 30.5 for the K-horns and a mono Pass XA 60.5 for the LaScala, or should I use a Mark Levinson 433 triple mono amp for all three speakers. Both choices cost the same ($11,000 new), and both have gotten rave reviews from the audio magazines. All amps have their advantages and disadvantages, but which choice would best best for K-horns and the LaScala? I know, tubes work best with horns, but I'm not a tube person. Please stick with the amps provided. Thanks.
Depending on the sensitivity of your speakers but Pass XA.5 is my choice. If your sensitivity is 90 & up. 30.5 will drive it easily.