Pass XA-30.5 and PSB Synchrony One

Can anyone comment on driving the PSB Synchrony One (which I just bought - these are 4 ohm with a sensitivity of 89dB) with the Pass XA-30.5? I'm currently driving them with a Hafler 9500 with very good results but am wondering if I can do better with the Pass. The Hafler 9500 is a very good amp - over the years I have compared it with Conrad Johnson 2300A, Krell 400xi, Odyssey Stratos, Aragon 4004 II and one or two others and have always preferred its sound. I value imaging and soundstaging. Yes, the Hafler is rated at 375W/ch into 4 ohms but I don't usually listen at excessive levels.
I typically listen to jazz (I have a weakness for female vocals), classical, choral, and occasionally reggae/pop/R&B.

Source is a Squeezebox Touch (fed from a dedicated NAS) feeding a PS Audio DL-III DAC. Preamp is a Conrad-Johnson PF2 (single-ended).

Room is about 12'(W) x 10'(H) x 24' (L) but I can sit no further than about 7' from the speakers.

Should I be concerned about the power of the XA30.5?

You will probably be just fine. I would work with Mark at Reno Hi-Fi who offers a 10 day return policy if it doesn't work out; just pay shipping to and fro if you send it back.
High current is required to drive the Synchrony One's and the Pass has it. The reason is that the Synch's impedance (4 ohms nominal) dips down to 2 ohms at 1kHz and below 4 ohms in the bass frequencies.

IMHO, it's a good match, and most likely you will not be over-driving the amp.
I was leaning towards probably ok until I saw the size of your room. Agree it's best to give Mark a call.
+1 lowrider. the pass may be "only" 30w, but i've heard it effortlessly drive some demanding speakers, including big wilsons and dynaudio contour, and i'd be surprised if it wasn't a good match with the psbs--it's a great amp.
XA 3.5 will drive these speakers fine... It is a Class A unit, but Not a PURE Class a Unit. It is biased to run Class A for its first 30 watts into 8 ohms... In reality, when it switches to A/B, it will run 120 to 130 watts 8 ohm and somewhere near 200 watts 4 ohm....
Unless your a head banger, you should get plenty of volume.
I hope this helps, Tim
Thanks all for your helpful comments! I will proceed with this.