Pass XA 25 versus Parasound A21+ - anyone compare?

Basically I'm looking at solid state amps to run my current Totem Rainmakers - with the possibility of upgrading the speakers to Joseph Audio Pulsars (used if I can find some) as well.

My listening room is modest sized - about 18' by 13" with 8' foot ceiling.

Rest of system: Naim cd 5 player, Hana EL cartridge on a vintage Pioneer 600 table, Classe DR 5 II preamp.  Amp to be replaced is original Adcom 555.

I'm thinking both could work well, with the Parasound providing more dynamics and the Pass more finesse.  Obviously the Pass is about an extra $1000, which is a factor given the modestly priced system.  Also no balanced option with the Pass - not sure that is important.

BTW no Pass or Joseph dealer in my area (Atlanta), though Parasound is available for a listen.

thanks, yes it is new.  being patient is key at the moment i guess.  
I experienced the grainy/edgy sonics when I was recently running in another Class A SS amp - my Sugden A21SE.  It smoothed out remarkably after about 2 weeks of normal use (perhaps 30-40 hrs total).  I didn't try running it 24/7 for 5 days.  
Get the amp with the most rms watts. 
  Headroom you will need 
the effortless sound you will notice. 
So far the XA25 sounds grainy and edgy in the upper midrange and lower treble.
The a21+ is nothing but smooth.

Yeah, that was my experience as well. The best experience I had with Pass was still too lean. From what I’ve read of listeners who I felt had good critical listening skills and weren’t just total Pass fanboys, they may perform at theri best with big cabinet speakers like Tannoys and Klipsch or big JBLs.

Very interested in the results of your comparison after the XA25 has a chance to settle in.