Pass XA 200.5 versus X-600 for MBL 101D

Have Parasound Halo:
JC-1's JC-2 JC-3 and CD-1 & clearaudio avant-grande TT
Room size: 18'x 26' & 9' high
Listen to Female Vocals, Jazz & Classical primarily. Fairly loud.

Any input on one of these amps over the other would be very helpful. Where I live leaves no opportunity to A-B

Currently will be purchasing Pass Labs Xs-20, XP-25 and probably an Esoteric K-03?

Thoughts always appreciated...
Your speakers have a sensitivity of 81 db and are nominally a 4 ohm load. Without digging deeper into the speakers specs I would say the xa200.5's would have no problem driving them and that is the route I would go. I prefer Pass Labs class A mono-blocs to their class AB designs. And giving the type of music you listen to the class A mono-blocs makes the most sense.

The Pass 350.8 wonderful amp plenty of power.
Thank you for the responses so far, they are very helpful in knowing I will not need a mega watt output amp(s) for my speakers. With no dealers within hundreds miles of my home, the knowledge gained here is much appreciated.
What is lacking with your current system?

Your amplifiers are the last item that I'd consider changing if it were my system, however if you are determined to go Pass - I'd choose the XA without hesitation.
I don't think the 200.5s will work at all.

There is a reason MBL's own amps are Class A/B and extremely high power.

1985tqc hi, I would stay with the Parasound JC1's as being bi-polar output they can give more current than the Pass mosfets can. This is why MBL also use Bi-polar in both their big amps used to drive their top speakers.

As the MBL's are 81db and have 3.8ohm load in the mid bass and an evil -51 degree phase angle, which could bring that impedance down to 2ohms, and this is where bi-polar output amp shine for current delivery for you to get the best possible bass performance.

Cheers George