Pass xa 100.5 vs Musical Fidelity AMS100

Has anyone heard these side by side?
I see so much amazing press for the pass XA 100.5 but hard to find a word on the AMS100...
No one has heard both of these?
I've heard the AMS50 and want it desperately. But have always had a deep seeded want to hear some Pass gear 1st. But don't know where to do that...
Where are you located? I'm in Austin, TX. and if you're close you are more than welcome to come give a pair of Pass XA-100.5's a listen in my home.
I wish I could. I'm up north, in the NYC area.
If I'm ever near Austin I'd love to give them a listen.
Thanks for the offer.
I have this system in mind... EAR 868, Pass xa 60/100.5 or AMS100, Marten Django with a Spiral groove SG 1 and wavelength usb DAC.

Sort of see it as the "prize" I'm working toward
Wow, that would be a very nice system! If I'm ever up your way I might be knocking on your door! lol. Seriously though; the offer still stands, if you're ever down this way let me know and you're welcome to stop by for a listen. I've been through and listened to quite a few amps and I am just smitten with the Pass XA line, you will not be disappointed. Good luck in your search, that's half the fun of it!
I owned the best MF, but MF misses an important part in highend audio........depth. I also owned the 100.5. It has much more depth comparred to MF.
An interesting thread. I own a Shindo Aurieges/Pass XA30.5 combo. FWIW, I compared the EAR 868 to my Aurieges, and in my system, to my ear, I much preferred the Shindo. More life, more musically involving. Re power amps - another option to consider is Luxman. Check out the thread on the Luxman M600A on this site.
Keilschmeil, you can hear Pass gear at Audio Connection in NJ. I bought my Vandersteens from John. Highly recommended.