Pass XA 100.5 plugged into Power Plant Premier?


I’m living in Europe and the nominal voltage in my country is 220 V; however; though I’m having a dedicated line installed for my stereo, the typical voltage is considerably lower at around 210 V. I just changed my power amplifers to a pair of Pass XA 100.5. I currently have only connected a CD/SACD Player to the PPP.

I set up my PPP to deliver 220 V. The PP therefore generally has to generate an additional 10 Volt.

Would you recommend to connect the Pass to the PPP or do they draw to much current from the PPP, especially considering the low wall-voltage?

they will sound better straight off the wall
Depends on how loudly you play music, and if you like the change in sound the conditioner/regenerator makes.
The consensus is amps off power conditioners. because they limit various parameter of the sound.
I use a Furman Ref 20i to run my (small) Forte 4a or soon to be mine Bryston 4B-SST*2
I use the conditioner because it gives a slight increase in PRAT and warmth my system needs.
I love clarity, and my choice of electronics leads to a slightly thin sound. the Furman 'fixes' that and still leaves the clarity.
On the other hand if you play at substantial volumes the PPP may run out of power and be much worse than the wall.
When the PPP fans are screaming and it is still really hot to he touch you know your pushing it.
On the other hand the guy I bought the Furman from had his giant Pass monoblocks plugged into it.
I use a PPP just for the preamp.
(I am becoming a power conditioner nutcase!!)
But can say, conditioners change the sound in subtle ways.
Just do you want that?
Electrical norm says that the voltage maximum deviation should not exceed +5V or -10V, so everything between 198V and 232V is still within the specs.

You will be fine running your Pass from 210V mains on 220V setting. It may be short of 5W of its maximum power, but that's it.
Elberoth2, unfortunately the norm says that the allowed deviation can be +/- 10% (I think that's what you meant) and in fact sometimes the voltage also dips below the 200 V mark.

I guess the loss in power will not be a problem, but having "clean" power (THD reduction) also for the amps sounds intriguing and according to PS Audio the PPP should be able to handle also the power consumption of the Pass.

Nelson Pass, however, quoted "You can try it, but don't be surprised if it doesn't work out."

We'll see. I'll buy some new, longer, power cables and will just try it out
Sorry, a typo - I meant the allowed deviation is +5% (% not Volts) and -10%.
Mluding, undervoltage is not usually a problem in terms of reliability. The amp will run slightly less hot and maybe output 5% less power, not a big issue IMV.
Also, I would never use a Class D amp (PPP) to supply power to a fine class A amp. You would be adding class D distortion and HF noise to your fine class A amp.