Pass X600 Will it heat my room too much ??

I am considering moving from Levinson 436 monoblocks to Pass X600 monoblocks. My only concern is how much they will heat my dedicated 14'x 21' room. I have heard that they would cause me to stop a movie half way thru or I would have to put in a dedicated ac unit to supplement the main ac unit.
Help me out here ladies and gentlemen !!
Thanks for responding if you owm these!!

I hope your divorce wasn't over this hobby. I want a pair of XA100.5's and my wife is not happy about it. So if I want them I am just going to have to pull the trigger and see how it goes.

By the way I had an INT-30A in my listening room for a couple of weeks which is about the same size as yours and has a cathedral ceiling and from a heat perspective I never even knew it was on.
I run a pair of XA60.5's (220 watts each) 24/7 in a 25x16x8 foot room and never notice any increase in room temperature!

My electric bill for these amps is $25/mo.

Hot tube amps with fans is another matter.
I have a pair of XA100.5's in a 16x20 ft room. The 100's put out 600 watts of heat at idle and yes it does heat up my room. I had a pair of XA60.5s before the xa100.5's and I could not tell much of a difference with them, but with the XA100.5's I can. The X600's will put out 1200 watts of heat at idle, thats like a portable heater. I believe alot depends on your tolerance of the added heat and how good your air conditioning is in the room, as for me I have not had the XA100.5's during the summer months yet, bought in October, so the jury is still out on whether they will stay permanently in my system
Wow after reading this I may have to rethink my desire for the 100.5's and perhaps go with the 60.5's. I really haven't thought much about the heat or the increase in my electric bill but I would not keep them on 24/7 but would leave them in stand-by when not listening.