Pass X600 or VTL 450 Mono's for Magnepan

Greetings, what is best for drive 3.6R - Both similar price used, much expensive but OK if sound great. My wife make a turd when I tell her price, but somethings more important than 20 year marraige.

I enjoy tube amps but I feel power is the main thing with maggies, thus my nod would be for the pass. I would suggest looking into the Classe Omega, for similar(if not less money) I know this amp is a superb amp for magnepan speakers(assuming it is the latest and greatest model).
Now if your Wife only laid Golden Eggs, instead of Turds? You will need power to move them, 600 wpc will do the trick. I have heard them with as little as a Pass X250, & they sound great! I also hope your Wife doesn't read your threads to see what your priorities in life are? Good Luck!
I just bought a pir of Mcintosh 501 monos for my Maggie 3.3Rs. Bi-amped (via the autoformers), they sounded quite excellent. You should give them a listen
The VTL's are not maintenance free. Sonically, the are good, but if a tube goes you will have to replace a resistor and maybe more.

The Pass X600 is an excellent choice although resale is quite low. Sonically the amp is a little on the lean and cool side, but actually sounds very good on the Maggie's.

I would agree with Tiredude to also consider the Classe Omega or Omicron.
Thank you dear friends for advice. Mr. Campbel I like also idea of Mac 501, good review in magazines.
Surprised that recommend transistor over tube, but good advice I believe.
Mr. Audiobug my wife ok really, make face like camel when see speaker, but sometimes camel is better than nothing when long in desert.
jtinn, not sure where this loose a tube replace a resister thing has come form...i've heard it a couple of times. A near lightning strike wook out 2 tubes and the B+ fuses in my 185's....swapped em out and kept on ticking. I have about 5 yrs in the tubes averaging about 10-20 hrs a week and they are just now sounding real bad.

I like the sound of the pass for a ss amp but i like the tubes better.
Very Funny Mr. Punkawalla! Camel also carry heavy amplifiers with no problem :0)~
I have not heard of VTL amps taking out power resistors when tubes fail, but this was clearly the case with an ARC VT130 amp I had. This was quite a hassle on more than one time but this amp was a wonderful sonic match with my Maggie 3.3s ...unfortunately it clearly ran out of power just as the Maggies were starting to sing their magic. I found the Counterpoint NPS400 amp, 400w at 4 ohms, worked incredibly well with the Maggies. I suspect nothing out there in the $2k range can touch this amp in terms of driving Maggie 3 series speakers. It truly worked so very well with neither being foward nor overly warm. But the Wolcott Presence mono amps at approx 275w bring together all of the strengths of the ARC and Counterpoint amps. You should look into the Wolcotts as they sell for about the same price on the used market as the VTL 450.
I've read that many people enjoy Wolcotts with Magnepans, although I haven't personally heard. With my magnepan 1.6's, I use a Innersound esl amp (600w/4 ohms) which has never run out of steam and sounds great.
In my last post I meant to include a link for a review of the Innersound monoblocks which were used with magnepan 3.6's.