pass x350 vs. plinius sa 250mk4.

what amp is a beter choice for sonus faber extrima ?
plinius is great
Pass is better than Plinius and should be a perfect match for Extrema...that's what they need
a strong solid state amp. You can also give it a try to Jeff Rowland 8Ti...but at much higher cost .Good luck
Tough Call! I ultimately narrowed my own search to these same amps. The Pass finaly won out, but mostly due to non-sound related issues. Pass (Built in States and very accessible), Balanced design working extremely well with balanced Line stage (Also a Pass), and not a full time Class A design therefore saving some power and heat (I leave my components on full time.)

As for sound, they're both outstanding, but I believe the pass edged out here as well, particularly in HF extension and transparency.

Good luck.

Good luck
Havent heared the plinius.But also considered the levinson 336,krell fpb 300, and sierra denali. After listening to all but the sierra,s i bought the pass x350. Dynamics, transparency it beat the other,s, and iam very happy with the pass.
I will be reviewing the Plinius for Ultimate audio mag and I own the
Rowland 8tihc and will have the Pass x-600 in house driving avalon raidians and Talon chorus. This should be fun!!!