Pass x250 vs. Theta Dread2 vs. ?

I got to hear a pass labs amp for the first time last night. I auditioned it in my system, comparing back to back with my current amp, a Dreadnaught-2. Curiously, it was a tough call between the 2 amps. I was expecting to be blown away by the X250, based on the reviews it gets here and in the mags and also based on the fact that they are similar in retail price but the Pass is 2 channel and the Theta is 5. The Pass had a better bottom end and better resolution of complex pieces, with great instrument separation, but muddied up violins in comparison with the Theta. The Theta also seemed to have better prat, which isn't the be all end all but is important to me on orchestrals and celtic music. So, is the Theta that good or is this a system synergy issue? The two-channel is Theta Carmen and 3A dac, Simaudio P-5 pre, and Snell C/V speakers, with synergistic research interconnects and Tara Labs speaker wire.

So, am I crazy? I was really expecting the Pass to be amazing. Does it make sense to try out the newest Bryston amp (Snell always demos their speakers with Bryston), or should I be looking elsewhere? BTW, I'm planning on going tubes for the preamp - maybe Supratek, maybe a DIY. -Dave