Pass X250, Classe CAM200 or...

maybe an Audio Research VT100? I'm in the market for new a new amp(s) for my 2 channel setup using Magnepan MGIIIa.
Recently split up HT and 2 channel systems to separate rooms, and need to bring in a new amp. I've searched the archives for threads on suggestions for the current AND finesse choice for the MGIIIa. Been using the fronts of the Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature until now, probably will keep it in the HT setup, so I don't want another Sunfire.
I am leaning toward the Classe, but would like other Maggie 2 channel folks to weigh in with their choices. Thanks.
Pass Labs' X-Series gets my vote over Classe, Krell and ML everytime as long as similar priced items are compared. The Pass X series X250 and above will have no trouble running the Maggies.
I also vote for the Pass especially for the used prices around $3K nothinig touches them in that price range IMHO. Oh yeah, you need to leave the amp on at all times and it really becomes magical.
Having owned amps from all three manufacturers, the Pass is a walk away with the other amps seeing nothing but tail-lights and dust. As Bigkidz mentioned though, the Pass needs to remain powered up at all times to really sound its' best. You can try powering it ( or other similarly biased amps ) up and down as needed, but Bigkidz speaks from personal experience. How do i know this ? I remember when he first asked the same question himself : )

Honestly though, it's a good thing that he mentions this here as a reminder though, as one might not be quite impressed or ever really get to hear what the Pass is capable of if one based their findings on an amp that was being cycled on and off as needed. Just bare in mind that these amps DO run hot and need adequate ventilation. They will also pull a good amount of power, so look at the big picture when shopping for amps. There are very few amps that run as cool or draw as little power as the Sunfire's, so be prepared when making the change. Sean
If anything, the CAM-350's would be a better comparison.

peter jasz
IMS sytem consist of andra,art audio preamp,siltech wire,
ps audio 300, the pass did not even sound musical at all
very dry, it generate reasonable heat, compare to Krell
the heat of x250 is nothing,then I return the x250 to
my friend,who has thiel CS6,then again is not musical at
all but it sound good, compare to the extreme stratos
oddyssey, the extreme are musical in my system, and magical
with the thiel,GUEST WHAT?He sold the x250.I will both
try this 2 amps before buying.
How does an amp not sound musical? I just don't understand that popular term. Dry? as opposed to wet, I suppose?

This is what I get from the Pass amps I have owned. An amp that gets out of the way of the music. The music is generated by the front end, not an amp. Sure, an amp can ruin the music, through distortion, and purposeful coloration.

Pass amplifies as purely as is conceivable. All the tiniest nuances are clearly transmitted through my reference grade speakers. I am spoiled.

I use a tube cdp. Each tube is laid bare for any defect, the Pass system is so good. Luckily, there are near perfect tubes available.
Everything I have heard about Pass X amps has been positive and it should be great with the maggies, although I have never heard one. I can say for certain my modded McCormack DNA-2 is outstanding with my 3.6s and know you would be impressed if you found one to try.