Pass x250 and BAT vk 40

Does anyone know of a way to remote switch (on/off) the pass labs x250 amp, through the remote control of that
bat vk 40 pre amp?
i know that the pass labs has a 12v remote triggering
connections on its rear end.
if there is no way i can do it using the preamp remote
(and i hope there is), is there a kit (lets say a radio shack kinda thing) that i can buy and install?
i'm sleeping in the same room with that amp, and it pumps such heat into the room that makes it unbearable, im too lazy to get out of bed at night to switch it off.
wish i had the luxury of a dedicated listening room,
but then again, i would probably just ditch the bedroom and move into the dedicated room -)
I have a BAT VK50se. It's uses the same remote as your preamp. It doesn't have any switching ability. Maybe someone will help with another idea...
There is a 12v triggered outlet available from Niles. I have one if you want to buy it. I used it with my Bryston BP-25 preamp, which had a 12v output, and my BAT VK-200 amp, which sucks A LOT of current at turn on and while running. Never had any problems. New, it costs about $80 to $100 bucks, depending on where you buy it. I'll sell you mine for half.