pass x250.5/xp10VSmcintosh MA7000VSClasse cap2100

Thoughts suggestions on these 3 pieces? I listen to a very wide variety of music from classical/synth, classic rock, country, to 80s hair band stuff/modern metal. Sound quality/soundstaging, overall build quality/longevity is most important. Would like to reach concert/reference levels when called upon. After demoing many speakers ive also come down to 3 choices. Dynaudio focus 340, paradigms signature S6 version3, or b&w 803D. Let me know what you think. Speakers or electronics. The source would likely go with the electronics (mcintosh mcd501/301, classe cdp 201, or for pass Id consider doing a macintosh computer/dac. Any ideas thoughts are welcome. Subs will be be 2x JL F110 or possibly 112. Thanks again guys!!
I haven't heard those Macs or Classe, but for what it's worth, I love my x250.5 and I personally am not interested in upgrading unless it would be for a pair of Pass class A monoblocks (but my budget prevents that). I'm extremely satisfied with my x250.5.

For the types of music and listening preferences you listed, you cannot go wrong with the x250.5. Overall excellence, and absolutely incredible bass quality when paired with a good solid state preamp.

As for speaker recommendations, that is such a personal subjective choice that you really need to just listen to them yourself and decide. Good luck.
Nice! What preamp do you have? I was thinking the xp10. I know MANY people on here try to mix and match products, but ive always been a believer in symmetry and sticking with the same brand, in this case it would be the xp10. Unfortunately this leads to the next piece the source, Cds seem to be a dying breed so I would likely get a bryston bdp2 and a macintosh laptop.
Well, you can get high quality cd/sacd players for not too much money I would have both sacd/cd and computer audio.