Pass X250.5 or the X350.5

Looking to upgrade my amp to a Pass. Not sure if I should go with a X250.5 or the X350.5. I have the Vandersteen 3A-Signatures. Any help on which has the better sound would be much appreciated. I would like to go with the XA100.5 full Class-A, but out of my price range.

Search the archives. There are several posts regarding the differences betweeen the two. I bought the 250.5 over the 350.5 and have been extremely happy. I push Focal 1037's.
You may go with XA-60.5 - same power as X-250.5, much cheaper than XA-100.5.
Thanks for the help
If you can afford it, go with the X350.5. This is based on a conversation I had a couple of years ago with Nelson.

Care to elaborate on the reasons given by Mr. Pass behind the X350.5 recommendation? I also have the X350.5. But from what I have read on various forums so far, there seems to be more people recommending the X250.5 over the X350.5.

Maybe the reasons are fairly obvious as Pass Labs has been submitting mostly the X350.5, not the X250.5, to various magazines for review.

How many pure class A watts does the X350.5 output?
According to Pass web page:

(350.5) 'Leaves Class A at peak Watts: 40'
I would go for the 350.5 funds permitting. I have a 250.5 and am happy but appatrently the 350.5's are even nicer. It used to be the 250's sounded better than the 350's but the 350.5's sound better than the 250.5's. I think they all sound good. I had the 250 before mtyu 250.5 and truth be told they are close as far as I remember.