Pass X250.5 or Plinius SA 250

Anyone have opinions on the differences between these amps? I am in the market but can not hear either in my area.
After hearing my Plinius SA100 MKIII and a friends Pass X150 many times (in seperate systems) with lots of different gear my impression is that the Pass is more neutral with a more open sound and greater air though I would suspect some may find it a little lightweight in midrange. I found the Plinius to have terrific (tubelike) midrange though lacking the last bit of air and a little leaden in the otherwise terrific bass.

I know these are not the amps you asked about but I am a believer in the 'house sound' of manufacturers and hope my comments reflect some of what you may find on your own.
I have not heard the SA 250, but I did hear the SA102 on demo, at my Pass dealer. It sounded excellent, to me.
I haven't heard the 250.5, but if it is as much of an improvement as the 350.5 is, it will be an excellent piece, in my opinion.
The Pass X amps run warm. The Plinius SA 102 (in selectable Class A, where it sounds best) is the hottest runing Class A amp I've ever seen. I would not use it in Class A very often, here in Phoenix, in the summertime.
What don't you like about your Gryphon amp? I've heard great things about their stuff, why the interest in changing?
Philjolet and Danielk141 thanks for your input. Jond, just time for a change. I sold my Gryphon and my Aerials. I'm starting over. I love trying new equiptment. It is part of the fun of the hobby or should I say disease. I am going to keep my preamp for now. I just got a Resalution Audio Opus 21 cdp. and am looking for a new amp and speakers.

Do you know what speakers you will get? This question needs to be answered first to help you determine an appropriate amp. How do you know how much power you will need? The amps you mention are very different from one another. The Plinius would sound better with bright speakers than the Pass. The Pass would serve you better for bass control etc... Once you determine your speakers the amp choice will be alot easier. I have auditioned both amps and for my system the Pass was a right fit. However, if you like warmth in your system then the Plinius is a must for you to audition.