Pass x250.5 - Biwire?

I know the x250.5 can't take bananas, so biwiring with spade + banana on each post won't work.

Can it take 2 spades per post? Will they fit? Desmond at pass told me the posts open about 3/16", so it "could" work, but I wanted to see if anyone has any real-world experience with this.

It worked fine with a double run of Discovery Cables with spades on my Pass X250
x250.5 arrived yesterday. No problem putting 2 spades on each post.
Initial thoughts?........
Love it so far. I'm coming from an Arcam P7, so there's quite a difference.

Blacker background, detail and dynamics are awesome, and a much more "being there" like sound
Congrats on you 250.5.

Have you got the meters to wiggle yet? :-)
Why you use two cables? I just bought the Audioquest Redwood bi-wire for my XA250.5. It is stunning, and by far the best loudspeakercable I tested so far. I did test many hundreds of cables in 15 years of time. Using 2 cables is not the best way of connection. It will fit, but you loose precision.
Yes, I cranked it enough to get the meter to move last Friday. I'm not sure how happy my neighbors were, but I liked it :)