Pass X150 or CJ MF 2500,,,

im looking for a SS amp for my studio 100s that will work well on all kinds of music,,i have a tube preamp,anthem pva 2 power amp and would like to upgrade,love tube midrange but have to have my bass too!ive not heard these amps but read a lot about them,its taken me months of working OT to save the money so im a little nervous ,any help!!!
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If you like tube midrange, I would get the CJ. The X150 is a very different animal.
The C-J MF 2500 has a lot more power than the X150, correct? I have the 2500A, my all-around favorite amp so far that I've owned. I also have a MF 2250 (non-A) that is a great little amp as well. These can both be great deals on the used market right now. Oh, yeah, I like the McCormack DNA .5 & 1.0 also; some real deals on those, esp. if you don't go too crazy with the "Rev. alphabet soup" & maybe just get an original or Delux.
Good luck!
You did not mention if you are buying used or new? The CJMF2500A would be what I would recommend over the Pass X150. If you are buying used make sure that the CJ is the "A" version. I am currently using a CJ 2500A and like it very much, more detailed than the non "A" model. The "A" version is now standard and with non "A" models CJ offers an upgrade package. The Pass is an excellent amp as well and if you decide to go that route then I would consider the X250 over the X150 which is more comparable to the CJ MF2500A at least in power. Good Luck and Happy Listening!

I like and own Pass, but in your particular case I would pair the CJ with the same CJ kind-of amp, I assume that your room is not a large one.

thanks guys,i will be buying used on audiogon,and will have about $ 2,200 to work with,used prices for MF2500 A and PASS x 150 are about the same,my room is 15x20x12 all wood,im pretty sure either amp would be a step up from my Anthem PVA2,i am leaning toward the CJ,could you guys elaborate on the CJs bass ,im not a bass fiend,but i like to have the slam there when its on a recording,thanks for responses,also how can i be sure im getting the "A" version of the MF 2500?
I listen primarily to Classical (symphonies, concertos and solo piano) along with some female jazz vocals (patrica barber and diana krall).I find the CJ MF2500A has plenty of bass response for my needs I never find myself asking for more. I am driving Thiel 3.6s and the MF2500 has no problem driving them to fairly high volume levels. My romm size is approximately 16'x24' with a 12'cathedral ceiling. My pre-amp is a CJ Premier 16 lsII. My CJ was upgraded and the serial number tag on the back states 2500A. I would ask the seller whether or not it is the "A" model. Hope this helps.

Czbbcl,your answer along with the others is helping me get a better perspective ,,,thanks
Check out Spearit Sound (they're on the 'net). They have a demo CJ MF2500A with full warranty in your price range. I think they also have some with blems on the heatsink that you may want to consider as well.
Txp1,thanks for the tip!
this might be a silly question,is a MF2500 thats been factory upgraded to the A version as good as a newer MF2500A??

I have been told by CJ that when they perform the upgrade that it is the same as an original "A". However; you may wish to contact them and ask. They are a great company to deal with and I am sure they would be more than happy to answer your questions. Also if you are in doubt about an amp that you are considering buying I would get the serial number from the seller and ask CJ to verify that it is an "A". Again hope I could help.

Ray, I was wondering a few things. What's the sensitivity of your speakers? Are they hard to drive? What's the input impedance of your preamp? What are you looking for in your next amp? What kind of music do you listen to? There have been a few used units for sale on Audiogon in the last few weeks, I'd reccomend the "A" version. I had mine upgraded to the "A" version two years ago. After the upgrade, the amp had better highs, better bass, more control of my speakers, and a clearer sound. The soundstage expanded, while musicality remained close to the same presentation.
Ray, I just thought that I'd also add that the bass on the CJ2500A is a slightly loose bass. The unit itself will give you a "full" sound. Instruments like synthesizer, harmonica, and acoustic guitar sound three demensional, with a good front to back layering. With the CJ you get a more tube-like bass, but it can be quite powerful. With some music, I've heard the wood blinds over the windows on the side walls shudder and shake. Hope this helps. Good listening!
thanks for all the responses!Txp1,i put money down on the CJ at Spearit sound ,should have it by or before Jan. 13,Talon4,i listen to a lot of diff music,no rap,,my preamp was built by a guy that works for VAC now,he said it was built with SS amplification in mind,speakers are studio 100 V2,,for more info please click on my system,,i like ,thanks again,
Ray, that's great! I just rechecked this thread, let us know what you think of the CJ.
hello Txp1,should be here by nephew is getting my anthem pva2,
sitting home waiting for ups to deliver amp today,,,
Big mistake in my opinion, I had A/Bed these two amps side by side, the CJ was absolutely veiled in comparison. Sounded fat, slow with almost no transparency compared to the X150. Just my opinion, but I felt the CJ was the worst amp I have heard in many years. Sorry.

Sorry you had such a bad experience with the CJ amp. I have an MF2500A and think it is one of the best amps I have heard in my system. However; no dispute Pass is an excellent product.

my CJ MF2500A was delivered safe and ontime by UPS!Chuck,i have not had a bad exp. with my CJ,got it Tue. and have not turned it off since,i thought id wait at least 200hrs. before forming any opinions,,,ill post a short review in a few days.Tpk123,dont be sorry ,i asked for the opinions of my fellow audiogoners ,and i thank everyone for their responses,,including yours!Chuck,how long did yours take to break in?

I had mine upgraded to the "A" version and it took about 50 hours for it to initially break-in. It continued to improve for the next 250-300 hours. It was pretty bad (harsh)when I first plugged it in after being upgraded. I was pretty upset and was wondering if they could convert it back. But after listening for a while it really improved. Now I really enjoy the amp; it is more detailed and open then the original version. Good luck yours

hello Chuck,going on 2 weeks now,the last couple of days have been great,i ran the amp pretty hard during the weekend,it sounds great now,the first week had me wondering if i made a mistake,,harsh and thin with no definition in the lower reaches,,the extra power really has brought my speakers to life,,even at lower volumes everything sounds so full,,now i have to decide on a preamp upgrade!thanks again for all the info!

You are welcome. By the way I do not know what your budget is for a pre-amp but the CJ premier 17lsII or the 16lsII(no longer being produced) are great in combination with the 2500A. I am using a 16lsII and find the combination magical. Good luck and enjoy

hello Chuck,i ordered a Supratek Chardonney,,i was sold on this preamp from the very long Preamp Deal of the Century thread,,not to mention the resale value,

Cool; I hope it works out for you.

hello Chuck, i just wanted to tell you how much im enjoying my CJ MF2500A,since my last post my amp seems to have settled in even more,,,its sounding very good!!!thanks again for all the info you guys gave me,,