Pass X150.5 and Magnapan 1.6 speakers

Would the Pass x150.5 power amp work well with the Magnapan 1.6 speakers or would some other amp be more effective. My primary listening is to large scale choral works and orchestras, small and large scale jazz groups. I also love Earth Wind & Fire and Blood Sweat and Tears. And I can't forget Joan Baez. I'm old school.

Presently I am using an Audio Research SS pre amp and D100 power amp. For the time being I want to keep the pre amp but upgrade my power amp. I love a wide and deep soundstage with lots of height and air around each singer, instrumentalist, etc..

Because I am a member of the Tape Project, I am running two reel to reel tape decks (Technics RS 1506 & Tascam 32-2B) for playback and record purposes. The older Audio Research and Conrad Johnson pre amps permit using two tape decks. My turntable is the original Elite Rock turntable with Excalabur tonearm.

I do hope i've provided enough info so that you can respond to my question. Thanks very much.
If money is not an issue. I'd go with 250.5.
I agree with Philefreak..Ive owned both and there is a ton of difference..well worth the extra $$$