Pass X1 vs Ray Samuels Audio Apache for preamp.

Has anyone compared the Pass X1 preamp to the the RSA Apache headphone amp/ preamp in terns of their capabilities as preamps. I have my own opinions but first I was hoping some A-goner's would be helpfull with comparisons.Any opinions would be appreciated.
I had a Ray Samuels Apache. I bought it with the intention of using it primarily as a pre. I don't listen to cans much but having the headphone amp functions would have been a nice addition.

What I found was the Apache was voiced as a headphone amp (no surprise, huh!) and was not my preference as a preamp. A very warm and forward sound is OK for the cans (Senn HD600 wired for balanced) but doesn't work for me as a pre. It's too over the top. I also dislike stepped volume pots in any audio gear unless the increments are tightly spaced.

I use a tubed BAT pre and have heard the Pass X1. They are nothing like an Apache running through amp & speakers. Asking an Apache to mutirole as pre is not what it is good at.