Pass X-series & Talon users, cable help please

I just acquired Talon Raven-C speakers, powered by Pass X250 amp, X2 preamp, & Cary 306/200 CDP. Was using Cardas Golden Cross XLR interconnects throughout & Golden Cross speaker cables because of prior speakers (Thiel). I was wondering what are some of the best cables (XLR's & 5ft. speaker cables) for this combo. Thanks. BTW the Ravens are great.
Check out Greg Petan's TAS review of Talons with Pass X-350 using MIT Oracle Series cables. This is from the June/July 2002 issue of The Absolute Sound. Reprint can be seen on MIT's site Disclaimer: I sell MIT products.
The Cardas are great wires for the Ravens. I have a reviewer friend who just reviewed the Ravens with those wires and power cords, he also likes the Analysis Plus Oval 9s (I think they are not the top of the line cables by AP).

Hope this helps and Happy Listening.
I have frends with Talons, and they love the Supras and Acoustic Zens over the Cardas...