Pass X-series preamp with Adcom GFA-5802 amp?

Hello all,
I am still working on a list of relatively budget components for a secondary system.
I recently bought a Pass Labs X-2.5 preamp.
I would now like to find a budget power amp that would match up well with it sonically, and at least have some natural synergy with it.
I really cannot afford any of the Pass Labs power amps.
The top Adcom amps interest me because Nelson Pass helped in their circuit lay-outs.
I love the sound of Mr. Pass's circuit designs!
I do realize that the Adcom amps are probably a big step-down from the Pass Lab amps, sonically and build-wise, but I do not want to spend alot of money on an amp right now.
I have never heard the Adcom GFA-5802 power amp, but I am interested in it because it can be bought used very cheaply, and because its circuit lay-outs were also designed by Nelson Pass.
I would imagine, therefore, that their should at least a LITTLE synergy in their sound?
I want a smooth sound that is still dynamic, detailed, and open, but without harshness or brightness.
Has anyone out there ever heard a Pass X-series preamp mated with an Adcom GFA-5802 power amp?
If so, how well do they match up together?
And, please describe the sonic qualities when they are combined together.
I would also imagine that the Adcom GFA-5802 would sound more open and detailed, especially at the frequency extremes, more dynamic, and have better imaging with the Pass X-2.5 than it would with the Adcom GFP-750 preamp.
Any comments on this?
Thanks everyone!
Audio Refinement Multi-2, will warm up the Pass a little and is super good for the $$$$. Refined and smooth and capable of nearly 200 watts despite the specs.
Isn't the GFP 750 preamp supposed to be on par with multi kiobuck preamps? The X2.5 preamp is fantastic I'm sure but the Adcom may be its equal - both designed by Neslon.
I don't know from personal experience, I don't know anything about the rest of the system, room, or your personal priorities, but, I wonder if reversing the the quality i.e. a Pass amp and an Adcom pre might not be a better option. Just food for thought.
Buy the Adcom 555 power amp and later have the amp modified starting with the internal wiring (super wire or whatever it is called. Get some AC filtering in the system and sit back and enjoy.

Happy Listening.
Hey Audio_girl,
In my experience the Pass X-2.5 has better resolution at the frequency extremes, better vocal reproduction, and better dynamics than the Adcom GFP-750.
I used the Adcom GFP-750/Adcom GFA-5802 combo for a while with great results. They do have a natural synergy.
But, while having excellent midrange and vocal reproduction, the sound was alittle too warm and dark for my own tastes. The highs sounded slightly rolled off, and the bass was alittle loose.
The Adcom GFP-750 is a GREAT preamp, but it ultimately lacks top-end resolution and decay, and slightly screws up vocals with a dark quality in both active and passive mode, and it also sounds slightly grainy in active mode as well.
The Pass X-2.5 may match up well with the Adcom GFA-5802 since the 5802 circuits were also designed by Mr.Pass, and since the 5802 has a warm overall sound and the Pass has a slightly cool sound, they may "balance each other out" if you know what I mean.
Best of luck with your decision.
Another amp to consider is the Marsh A400S. Close in price to the Adcom, but probably a better amp.
I had a Marsh A400s and would also choose it over the Adcom. Excellent amp if your speakers don't dip much below 4 ohms.
You can pick up the Pass Labs Aleph 30 poweramp for $900 used.
Only 2 gain stages and sweet sound.