Pass X-350 vs Sim Audio W-5

I know sounds like a no-brainer, but I need to know. I currently have the W-5 driving my N802's, with a Wadia 6i. Nordost, shunyata etc, etc. I like the sound, but just need to know if I get the X-350, will it sonically be Night and Day. Or just subtle changes, for the price difference I can live with Subtle differences. But if I will be blown away with the changes I'll make the switch to the Pass. Thanks in advance.
There are plenty reviews of the X-250 and the 350 will give you slightly better bass slam and dynamics. The W-5 is a very good amp and will sound slightly quicker. The Pass a a very refined sound that has a silky or golden glow to the music and it holds onto notes a little longer making it sound slightly slower. Do search here and you will find reviews of the Pass X series amps which are pretty right on. So IMHO there are subtle differences except for the added power of the Pass. Bigger price difference too.

Not sure about Sim Audio repair history but Pass is one of the best, do a search on it here also. If you hae to ship to Canada for repair it will cost you but that is not a reason not to by it.
I agree with the one other comment sent to you. The only thing I can add is this. I recently heard the Sim Audio W5 in a very nice system in NYC coupled with a CJ LS16 and Avalon loudspeakers. I was very impressed. However, Nelson Pass has a reputation which makes resale of his equipment and easy sell in the future. I own a Threshold amp and although it is about 9 years old, I have had quite a few audiophiles listen to my system and they have asked me if I'd like to sell the Threshold. Nelson Pass makes great stuff that lasts and is desireable years down the road.