Pass x-350 and Dunlavy SC-IVa - what speaker cable

Want to upgrade from AQ Crystal and would like a recomendation for new cables. Thanks.
Have sold both over the years. What's your gear?
There are lots of great cables out there, and synergy will be the key.
I'd probably play around with a few to compare. I'd recommend considering trying ABOVE Audio Quest Caldera, Harmonic Pro 11 (marginal improvment), even Monster M2.2(which works superbly on a varriety of combos, suprisingly, even Martin Logans, yes!!!), Better stuff like Acoustic Zen Satori/Hollogram and maybe Nordost(might be bright on your IV's with that reveiling amp, worth a try perhaps), and JPS Superconductor.
Of couse, Wireworld, Kimber, XLO, Cardas, and Transparent Devotes might suggest others. And there's a lot to chose from out there.
There are superb pieces from all. But IT WILL GET DOWN TO SYSTEM SYNERGY AND TASTES! I had superb results with Sonus Electa Amators, Threshold and Pass amp's with Acoustic Zen Satori (double runs) and IC's. It was very clear, dynamic, and detailed. But my senses tell me the IV's are a bit bleached and slightly bright in the treble (read reviews) ultimately (although I like the speakers when done correctly). And when mated with the ultra reveiling X350, you might need a tick more forgiving cable. Like from MIT, Monster, even cheeper Transparent, Synergistic Research, or Cardas...maybe a cheeper "Ocos".
Actually I like these just mentioned for your combo(tastes do very however).
I probably WOULD NOT RECOMMEND as first choices, Kimber, XLO, Nordost silver cables, and or other potentially bright, dry, or etchy cables.
OTher more potentially neutral, yet supber cables would be from the likes of Acoustic Zen, JPS, Expensive Transparent, Some Wireworld, etc. They might be worth a try, and are gerat in the right system
Hope this helps
The other components in my system are a Aragon Soundstage Pre/Proc and my source is a Anthem CD-1.

I use AZ Hologram 2's with my x-350 and 4a's and I love them. The previous post was right about the dunlavys being on the bright side but they can be tamed. Definitely stay away from anything silver. I also used a pair of stealth premier cables which I really liked too. These were $1000+ cables when new and were compared with the cardas cables. They can be had very cheap nowdays if you can find them. I still have mine. BTW dont even think about trading those speakers for B&W Matrix. There is no comparison.
the dunlavey's can indeed get bright at times, set up is the key and a little tweaking of toe in can work wonders. Transparent...yuuuck. my 2 cents only but while their midrange is glorious the top end gets crucified and the openness the dunlavys do so well just aint there. i'm using Harmonic Tech pro 9 biwire with my dunlavys and see no reason to change. they can be had pretty cheap these days
I have the Dunlavy SC-III's which I absolutely love. I am using the Dunlavy cable DAL which is a perfect neutal match for these speakers. I have several sets plus Dunlavy DAL interconnects which serve me well too! My bother-in-law also uses the same DAL cables on his Dunlavy SC-V's and
You may want to try a Synergistic Research cable. I have had good luck with the Research Ref and Designers Ref. Res Ref on Low Freq input and Des Ref on High Freq. Either by themselves, even without bi-wiring, will sound great. But, when one has an extra pair of cables, one must find a use for them.;-) The low end on the SC-Vs was as good as any other purpose I could find.
The Dunlavy cables mentioned above work very well with his speakers. And my bet is, although I haven't heard the combination, that the Kubala Sosna cables, particularly the Emotion line, would be an excellent match for your equipment and speakers.