pass x-250 vs classe ca 200 w/ML SL-3's

i am currently running a classe ca 200 w/ ARC LS-3 preamp & have come across a great deal on a pass x-250 w/ pass X-2 preamp. i will demo the 2 this weekend. any advanced input on what the difference will be? i'm wondering if the upgrade will be significantly better?
Well there's some varriables here that should be taken into consideration...To say one is going to be better would have to be qualified a bit.
First, the Pass X250 is a supperior amp, as I've personal experience with both. The CA200 is a good amp for the money, but is less extended on top, less refined, less dynamic, and a bit inferior in soundstage, neutality, etc. Overall, the Pass is in another league. Still the Classe is a good amp on it's own, and I'd recommend it for the money, yes. If you can afford the Pass, and you are using XLR CONNECTIONS between pre and amp, I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!...if you're speakers sound good with solid state to begin with, and it's a good match.
yOUR ARC LS3 I believe is Tube, correct? Some systems might need some tubes in the system to sound right, and the solid state Pass X2 might sound more analytical in some systems..even a bit dryer in comparison. Still, You can also tweek the sound of your tube preamp with other tubes and such...which you can't do with the Pass preamp. I've had speakers that have better results with tube preamps, and others that don't like tubes as much...and that goes for the power amp considerations. My old Sonus Faber Electa Amators loved solid state gear! My Thiels liked tubes somewhere in the system for best balance of sound and neutrality. So, you might consider a mix match scenario!..maybe not though. What speakers are you using?
You might try getting the amp first, then seeing how it does with your preamp and speaker combo(change one varriable at a time is KEY!!!). The amp is definitely better in the Pass, and has much more potential(I mentioned Balanced connections with the Pass, which sounds supperior with that connection). This upgrade alone would likely yield you another 20-25% improvement in potential sound off the bat. If you can pick up a CD/DVD player with volume control, you might be able to compare preamps to this passive approach for finding the best neutrality of's a suggestion.
Hope this helps
To add to the excellent comments already posted by foreverhifi2000, you need to leave the Pass X-250 on all the time and probably 3 days to hear the true sonic benefit of theis amp especially the high end frequencies.
Prior system Martin Logan SL-3, ARC LS-3 and Clase 25 amp. System sounded great, bass was good and extended along with great pace, very detailed etc...
Then upgraded to Classe CP-60 preamp, Martin Logan Acsents and a second Classe 25 amp.
I'm bi-amping the two Classe amps and the system is the best it's ever sounded. I would consider getting another Classe amp and bi-amp as the LS-3 has dual outs just for this. You can pick up another Classe CA-200 for around $1200-$1400 used then with the extra cash you saved get a PS Audio power plant and a few Ultimate Outlets, also a few nice power cords and you'll be very happy! Classe amps and Logans work great together. Have run Classe amps and Logans now for about 10 years also know a few people that run simular rigs and all are very happy. May consider changing preamps, maybe Classe CP-45 or CP-60, The CP-60 is a KILLER preamp!
Happy Listening!